“Our project is reported to the market,How could there be no approval??“Xia Jianyi heard Qin Xiaomin say this,He becomes angry,What happened in this issue?Isn’t Ma Xiaofeng always saying that there is no problem??

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Qin Xiaomin became popular,She said sharply:“Stop howling on the phone,Come to the city hall,I’ll take you to Mayor Chen”Qin Xiaomin finished,Hung up。
Standing in the yard, Xia Jian was at a loss,He kept walking back and forth two steps,Then he said to Old Xiao apologetically:“I have to rush back right away,Something went wrong with the new project”
“Ok!Then you go quickly,Come back sometime”Old Xiao said very understanding。
Xiao Xiao hurried out from the kitchen and said:“Go after breakfast,No matter how urgent it is。Xi Zhen’s injury is well,Let her drive,Let’s go back to Pingdu together!“
What Xiao Xiao said,Xia Jian just sat down。Because Xi Zhen drove,It’s much more convenient for them to go back together。Xiao Xiao saw that Xia Jian agreed,And started calling this arrangement。
Wait for them to finish breakfast,When Xia Jianzheng and Lao Xiao were talking,There was the sound of car horns outside the gate。Xia Jian quickly stood up when he heard it,Although he is a little bit reluctant,But there is no alternative。
First1366chapter War of words
On the highway,Xi Zhen ran a black Volkswagen car with a smile on her face。Xia Jian, who was sitting in the co-pilot, kept making calls,Starting from Bucheon,His phone rang forever。
After the car ran for about an hour,Xia Jian, who had just answered a call, said to Xi Zhen a little disappointed.:“Ouch!The phone is dead”
“It’s best if it’s dead,You’ve been talking for so long,Do you want to charge up”Xi Zhen drove the car,He said with a smile。