Deep the poverty "She" strength photography will choose (six) – there is a dream, far from afar

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In February 2016, the Poverty Alleviation Tourism team of Shijiazhuang Post and Telecommunications Vocational and Technical College entered the Yuguang Village, Wangbei County, Zhangbei County, Hebei Province, in response to the actual situation of "due to illness", the first secretary Lu Wenzhen from the villagers "Track", etc. Living habits have realized a set of rural yoga aerobics, poverty alleviation, and rumored the spirit of the god. Since then, the villagers’ lives have changed, the attitude of life has changed, and the experience is seen in the city, the miracle is constantly staged, beyond the imagination, and the shocked.

Now, Yan Xiuying, born in 1960, high school education, has been more than 20 years in Jade Dog Liang’s Women’s Women.

The son Anjia County, my daughter’s University is reading, her husband Shi Li is playing zero workers, she leaves the village, her daily simple housekeeping farm, with granddaughter, busy village is a big event. When Lu Wenchu ??made a villager drilled yoga, Qi Xiuying Best couldn’t solve: come to poverty alleviation, do not give money, do not give money, old farmers have time to do this.

Daughter Xiaoyu met world, encouraged mother to try, support with the team, and Yan Xiuying persuaded a few old sisters to cope. Time leaving, three months, she surprised her rheumatism pain, the waist disc herniation is much reduced, so it has become a good yoga promotion ambassador.

In order to establish a yoga, she worked with her family, and she was often misunderstood, and even a cold morticrievance, she cried, but they bite his teeth.

The Working Group also created the village song in the village, opened the WeChat public number, try to mobilize everyone’s enthusiasm, participate in the villagers, silence, the small village of the dead plate, showing the never had a vitality.

"Fitness Yoga Standard" textbook has become a treasure of Yan Xiuying, and it is nothing to think about the main position in the inside, and the technical penetration is fast. Husband Shi Li firo is practiced with her with her, and I will practice myself, and I will talk remotely from time to time, and communicate with each other. Kung Fu pays off, the high difficulty of the two mouths "Handard" "Take off" and other actions are no longer, and the villagers have a "angular".

In February 2017, the State Sports General said that the jade dog is "China Yoga First Village", Xinhua News Agency, People’s Daily, CCTV, Hong Kong "Nanhua Morning Post", US "New York Times", Canada "Global Mail", India The media such as the "Indussan Times" have been interviewed in the village. Yan Xiuying is a focus person, but many times, she left the opportunity to have a story. Sisters. The jade dog beam is getting bigger and bigger, and the yoga team is frequently invited to participate in the national and large-scale literary performances and interview programs in Hebei Province, the city, county. Yan Xiuying is a good assistant of Lu Wenchu. Jade dog beam is also more and more lively, the first peasant yoga sports meeting, the first peasant harvest festival, China E-commerce poverty alleviation in action into Zhangbei Langantian … These activities 秀 英 都 人 人. The movie "Wuhai" was taken in Jade dog beam. Yan Xiuying and his sisters experienced a fun, their yoga figures were also included in the movie "I am very powerful", 2022 Winter Olympics MTV "Olympics has me".

When the team explored the income, Yan Xiuxi is always the first person. Her family is often full of elderly people who want to find a way: Zhang Zhimei, Zhang Xiying, Bai Yuxiang, Zhang Yinghua, Gogu Yun, Li Cuihua, Li Xiufang, Li Xiulin, Li Ye, Sun Mei Li … dexterous hands cut out jade dog beam yoga special paper cut, sewing graphene car heating cushion trademark, specialties, dandelion, dandelion, series farmhouse … Taiwan Yoga Tourism Communication Group Even the Italian friends are coming, and they praise them are a great new farmers.

In the Spring Festival of 2019, the return of the returning young people practiced yoga with live grandparents. With the help of the Working Group and the daughter, Yan Xiuying also opened the "China Yoga First Village Jade Dog Liang", live broadcast, she strives to learn Mandarin Research short video shooting technology, live old yoga teaching courses, solder sales of Yu dog beams, etc. Yoga, let Yan Xiuying have enlarged their eyes, put on the realm, let go of the dream, now, Lu Wenchu ??is talking to the Nanjing Yongren Yogi Academy of Huangpu Military Academy in China, China.

Dream, I am flourishing from the far side … Zhao Zhannan map / text.