Dedicated to the world a wonderful, excellent, extraordinary Beijing Winter Olympics

05/04/2022 0 Comments

  Author: Fu Siyuan is less than 100 days from the Winter Olympics of Beijing. To do a good job in Beijing Winter Olympics, the Winter Disabled Olympics is a major event in the party and the country. It is the solemn promise of China to the international community, which will also be comprehensive in my country’s comprehensive strength and international status. . Drawing a big country with a world-class facility. In this winter, we have many technology facilities show that the silence of the first steel garden rejuvenates youth. As a racing venue in the history of Dong’ao, the re-use of the industrial heritage, the first steel skiing platform, the first steel ski, the famous world cultural heritage – Dunhuang murals, the belt of maids, so nickname "Xue Fei Tian" Under the light of the soft moonlight, the big jump is more like "crystal high heels".

The Wukesong Sports Center fully utilizes new technology, new ideas, new materials, and achieve comprehensive improvement in energy conservation and consumption, comprehensive utilization, competition gaze.

At the same time, this winter Olympics adheres to this "green Olympics" concept, and the power supply of the venue is supplied from green energy. Highly efficient synergistic development highlights the "extraordinary" system. Holding a Winter Olympics is an important starting from the development of Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei.

The preparation of the Winter Olympics has driven a large number of industrial chain and a large area of ??linkage development, which has promoted the transformation and economic development of industrial upgrading.

For example, through the preparation of the Winter Olympics, "Ice Snow" becomes "Jinshan Yinshan".

Only more than 30,000 service officers currently directly or indirectly engaged in ice and snow industries and tourism in Zhangjiakou City, and the Chongli District took out the poor county sequence in May 2019.

The Winter Olympics will also form a cultural tourism zone to effectively drive the coordinated development of the Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei region and become a new economic growth. It can be said that the essence design is high, the construction standard is high, and the interconnection speed is fast, which has shown China’s strength and becomes a miracle of the world.

  The strength of sports strong countries exhibited "excellence".

A country holds an Olympic event, which is the reflection of national integrated strength. Sports strong sports, strong sports strong.

By hosting an Olympics, it is possible to enhance the high quality development of my country’s sports. In this regard, on the one hand, to improve the training and competition level, forge a qualified ice and snow athlete, highlight the image of sports.

On the other hand, it is necessary to successfully hold a grand meeting, promote ice and snow movement, and promote the construction of sports powers, and force the "healthy China" construction process.

(付 思 源) [Editor: Liu Dynasty].