Citizen’s ecological environmental behavior

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June 5, 2018 is the fourth environmental day of the newly revised environmental protection law. On the same day, the Ecological Environment Department, the Central Civilization Office, the Ministry of Education, the Central Committee of the Communist Youth League, the National Women’s Federation and other five departments, in the 2018 Saturday Environmental Day State Activities, Changsha jointly issued the "Citizen Ecological Environment Code of Conduct (Trial)".

It is understood that the preparation and release of the standardization is designed to firmly establish a socialist ecological civilization concept, promote the development of new and natural harmonious development modernization, strengthen the awareness of citizenship environment, and guide citizens to become the practitioners of ecological civilization and beautiful China. By. Code specifications include paying attention to the ecological environment, saving energy resources, practices green consumption, choose low-carbon travel, classifying garbage, reducing pollution generation, cares for natural ecology, participate in environmental practice, participating in supervision report, building beautiful China and other ten aspects.

Standardize near life and operate.

For example, in terms of energy-saving resources, the standard is specified to provide a reasonable set air conditioning temperature, the summer is not less than 26 degrees Celsius, the winter is not higher than 20 degrees Celsius, timely turn off the electrical power supply, take the stairs less elevators, people walk the light, one water , Saving paper, as needed, ordering, etc., there is no waste, etc. At the event site, the five departments have carried out "beautiful China, I am an actor" theme practice.

From 2018 to 2020, all localities must follow the "promotion mobilization", "deepen" and "summarize" three steps in schools, communities, enterprises and rural areas, and actively carry out "beautiful China, I am actor". Theme practice activities.

The event is proposed. Through three years of unremitting efforts, in the whole society, it is strongly established "Green Water Qingshan is a Jinshan Yinshan" concept, and the public ecological environment is significantly improved; the conversion to the beautiful ecological environment is the ideological and conscious environment, becoming a beautiful environment The active practitioners of firm defenders, beautiful China construction, the ecological civilization concept is basically established in the whole society, forming everyone to fight for the beautiful China construction actors, and jointly protect the green water Qingshan.