“OK,I will come to you tomorrow.!”He Nuo is really a big sister,Fierce。

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Zhou Ye wondered。
丫,Is this not understanding??
He then simply challenging the words:“He Miss,Linping Hospital is isolatedGHospital,I am in the intensive area now.,You can’t come.……”
really,He has no talk。
Zhou Ye also thought she was a fight。
I didn’t expect to come,He Nuo directly came to a sentence:“There is a place I can’t enter.?”
That seems to escape this.。
Zhou Ye,The chest suddenly feels like a gas,Let yourself have a bit。
This department patient is still not familiar,The result will be all over tomorrow.!He thinks that some headaches。
Just at this time,Knocking on the door outside the door。
Zhou Ye will go to open the door,Open the door,Chen Riyuan:“Chen Shu,are you ready?”
Chen Riyuan holds the goggles prepared to donate.,Laugh:“Um,And you?Good words,Let’s go to the office to see the electronic medical record understanding the patient.,Waiting for the doctor to pay。”
Remember this,Zhou Ye greeted the door and hurriedly went to the doctor office with Chen Riyuan.。
No one in the office,The two will move the goggles donated to the department to the head of the nurse.,Then come back。
“Why haven’t come??”Chen Riyuan waited2minute,I found that the other two director seems to catch up the room.,Actually didn’t come over。
It is also this time, Yeswei learned the identity of two director from the mouth of Chen Riyuan.。
Director and Tianfeng Director of Tianfeng Additionary Hospital of Tianfeng Chinese and Western Medicine,Are elite!
I didn’t expect to come to work with the Director of the three hospitals of Tianfeng City.,Zhou Niwu is a bit of a pet.。
At this moment, Zhou Yewu and Chen Riyuan have wear gloves.,So take someone to take someone is not convenient.,So thinking about simply look at the electronic medical record.。
Open Cori’s computer,I saw the current situation in the new ward.,I have received the same as Zhao Xiaoyei.20Patient!
“wrong。”Chen Riyuan sees the indicator of a patient,Suddenly anxious。
NS178chapter Low potaemia patient
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Chen Riyuan is anxious,Let Zi Ye are also panicked.。
He hurriedly looks at the test list on the computer.。
This is a single electrolyte test list,Zhou Ye quickly glassed a look。
Blood potassium,29ol/L!
Zhou Niwu is also can’t control the explosion export:“Medium low potassium。”
“Yes,Hurry to make potassium,This newGPatients with pneumonia are weak,Low potassium will increase the paralysis of the ventilator,Waiting for the next accidental blood oxygen。”Chen Riyuan opens the medical system and prepares pine potassium。
Electrolyte disorders have always been one of the causes of death!