Diet, diet, low calorie, cabbage, slimming

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Diet, diet, low calorie, cabbage, slimming

Cakes and chocolates are high-grade foods. For women who are losing weight, they can’t touch them. Some kinds of diets can be full of food and can be slimmed down.

The cabbage is rich in dietary fiber, and the moisture content is very low. It contains only 22 kcal per 100g of cabbage and contains a lot of vitamins, which is very helpful for weight loss.

  Cabbage diet recipe card / 100g, a low amount in many vegetables.

Just because the cabbage needs to be fully chewed when it is eaten, this process will cause the brain to have a “satisfaction”, and the slender reduction of the intake and conversion absorption will achieve a quick slimming effect.

  First, the cabbage is full of weight loss diet. If you are just dissatisfied with your own weight, or the waist and abdomen meat is more prominent, you want to focus on thin waist and thin abdomen, then you can try the full stomach method.

Select 3-5 pieces of fresh cabbage leaves (whole piece), tear them into small pieces and cook them in a pot. Season them in a pot with salt. Cook the vegetables until they are cooked until 7 minutes.Eat, eat the best 20 minutes before the meal.

  The seven-boiled cabbage can maintain the chewyness of the fiber. When eating the cabbage, try to ensure that the chewing times of each mouth are more than 25 times. The light boiled cabbage can help you reduce the staple food by 30%-50%.the amount.

At the same time, a large amount of fiber enters the stomach, it will promote digestion and detoxification, insist on eating boiled cabbage before three meals a week, minus the weight of about 3 kg is definitely not a problem.

  Second, the cabbage diet weight loss recipes want to lose about 5 pounds of weight is also a small matter for the cabbage slimming method, but the substitution for the cabbage will increase, eating cabbage before meals is to reduce the staple food replacement, cabbageThe gap method is to replace some napkins in the three meals with the cabbage, and achieve the effect of shifting 1/3 full day.

There are also multiple choices for the method of serving vegetables. The small series recommends boiled water and cold salad.

  The cold cabbage should also be cooked to at least 5 minutes. The cut cabbage can be added to the delicious cold salad type of onion ginger garlic and other seasonings.

But remember not to add oil, sesame oil or peanut butter and other high-concentration seasonings during the production process. To ensure normal metabolism, it is recommended to substitute cabbage for the best meal at dinner. Chinese food should guarantee the replacement of protein, lipid and starch.
  Third, the cabbage replacement meal diet diet weight loss of more than 7 pounds a week is a strong willpower support, cabbage replacement meal is in addition to breakfast, Chinese food and dinner with cabbage as a staple diet.

Therefore, the content of breakfast becomes very important. Xiaobian recommends that you ensure that the protein is sufficient. You can choose egg with milk, soy milk with whole wheat bread to supplement nutrients.

  Direct canned vegetables can be added with some sesame oils to increase the introduction of lipids and sterols.

You can eat the vegetable salad with tomatoes, broccoli, onions, etc. instead of chlorophyll, vitamins and fruit acids, so as to avoid nutritional deficiencies.

However, this method is recommended to use one month per month, and long-term use of physical health has an adverse effect.