Anshun Central City implements real estate registration "double"

05/07/2022 0 Comments

On August 25, the author learned from the City Real Estate Registration Center that, in the downtown area of ??our city, the real estate registration and hydropower gas optic network were simultaneously handled and the central urban real estate registration "same city is not". " It is understood that from June 30 this year, Anshun City implemented real estate registration in the central city (Xiuxi District, Anshunjing District). In the process of handling, the enterprise and the masses have been registered in the central city, according to the willingness to apply for the applicant, but also choose to apply for water, use electricity and transfer, and use gas to pay for a good household, cable TV account, transfer and migration, network account opening 9 types of services such as transfer, no need to increase any application information again. In addition, while entering the registration of the enterprise and the masses, it will be charged synchronously, and the implementation of zero charges in the unified acceptance of second-hand housing transfer registration and hydropower gas optic network, and implemented a window acceptance, information sharing, and consistently confidently Really let the enterprises and the masses only run a road, only submit a data, enhance the happiness of the enterprise and the masses, gain a sense, further optimize the Anshun City business environment, and provide more convenient services.

In terms of "same city" in the central city, the real estate registration of state-owned land on the central city of Anshun (Xiuxi District, Development Zone) implements "same city", and the people and the masses can register their real estate registration.

At present, the certificate of "same city" includes: Anshun City Real Estate Registration Center (Yinghui Road, Xixiu District, Ansun District, China) and the Anshun City Land and Resources Bureau Economic and Technological Development Zone Branch, the masses can choose to check the registration. (Lu Kaiwei) Source: (Editor: Wu Feng, Chen Kangqing) Sharing let more people see recommendation reading.