Concentrate gathering accelerates construction modern economy strong province beautiful Hebei

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Original title: Concentration gathering accelerates the construction of modern economically strong provinces and beautiful Hebei Province all over the province’s cadres and masses hot discussion, the province’s tenth party congress reports aggressive and accelerated construction modern economy strong province beautiful Hebei Sunday, Hebei cadresSeriously listening to the province’s tenth party discussion related news, and surrounding the report made by Comrade Wang Dongfeng.

Everyone said that the report made an arrangement for the speed of promoting the construction of modern economics, the beauty of Hebei Province, puts forward a series of new ideas, new initiatives, new mandate, we must implement the implementation and implement the tasks of the report to actual work. In the construction of a modern economy, the beautiful Hebei process is established. Taking the advantage of the top-scale high-quality development, the provincial party discipline report clearly accelerated the intensive construction of the modern economy, the struggle of the beautiful Hebei, and specific to the modernization of 6 aspects, forming ‘two wings, two districts, three groups, six Development layout with ‘.

We must find a positioning in the big goal of the province’s large-scale strategy, play a good advantage.

Wang Shizhong, deputy director of Shijiazhuang Development and Reform Commission, said they will implement the spirit of the provincial party congress, and pick up the responsibility of the provincial capital. In the future, we must speed up the construction of "2 + N" modern industrial system, and vigorously promote the new generation. Electronic information, bio-medicine two major industries take the lead in breakthrough, build five hundred billion-level industrial clusters, cultivate a group of 100 billion counties characteristic industries with core competitiveness; promote the three major regions along the river, airport and three rings Planning and speeding up implementation, build an economic growth engine, fully promoting the "total economy over 10 million" goals, which makes new contributions to the innovation development, green development and high quality development of the province. "The report proposed, in-depth implementation of the open drive strategy. Create an international convention platform to speed up the advantageous capacity and equipment. This indicates the direction of our future work. "Tian Yongbin, deputy director of the Zhongjie New District Management Committee of Zhongjie New District, Zhangzhou, said that early September this year, the 3rd China-Middle Eastern European countries (Zhangzhou) SME Cooperation Forum held in Zhangzhou City, although the epidemic influence is held, but A total of 58 collaboration achievements, involving equipment manufacturing, general aviation, new materials, new energy and other fields. Next, we will learn in-depth study and implement the spirit of the provincial party congress, continue to deepen reform, expand the opening, China – Middle East Europe The national (Cangzhou) SME Cooperation Forum This international platform construction is an opportunity to create a first-class business environment, expand the breadth and depth of international cooperation. Listen to the provincial party concretionary report on "Accelerating the construction of innovation drivers, cross-catching modernized Hebei" After the discussion, Wu Chaolhui, member of the party group and deputy director of the Qinhuangdao Municipal Science and Technology Bureau, believes that this paper has strong guiding skills to do a good job in scientific and technological innovation.

In recent years, Qinhuangdao has always been initiated into the innovation of Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei Science and Technology, actively carrying out the cultivation of innovation, research and development platform, scientific and technological achievements transformation, technology service extension, scientific and technological policy implementation, etc. As of now, Qinhuangdao high-tech enterprises reach 316, 3208 small and medium-sized enterprises, including 305 scientific and technological innovation platforms. Next, in accordance with the requirements of the Provincial Party Association report, comprehensive summary of technological innovation experience, innovate existing policies, continue to increase innovative main cultivation, accelerate the construction of innovative platforms, improve the scientific and technological achievements transfer system, to speed up the construction of modern economies Strong province, beautiful Hebei contribute power. Adhere to the people’s supreme promotion of the common prosperity report, accelerate the modernization of the construction of a common prosperity and universal sharing, causing a strong response in various local cadres.

Everyone consistently believes that as long as we seriously practice the people-oriented thinking, continue to improve people’s life quality, and focus on solving the people’s urgency, constantly enhance the people’s gain, happy, safe, common wealthy pictures It must be able to show in Hebei soon.

The two snowdrops on the hillside of the village have now been prototyped. The Ski Resort is about to build; the cold waterfish pool completes the water injection, and it is necessary to invest in the fish. The comprehensive hotel building in the village enters the end … At the moment, Dragon Spring Town, Yanping County Wan Village, the hot construction scene visible is full of enthusiasm. "Common wealth, inspiring!" Liu Feng, secretary of the party committee secretary of Longquan Guantao, Fuping County, said that it will be closely related to the effective connection between the construction of the poverty reduction and the revitalization of the rural resolution, and grasp the party to promote the revitalization of the country, and condense the party members and the masses of the people, and continue to Consolidate the results of the poverty reduction to ensure that the existing industries have a steady rise, the employment level has increased steadily, and the public service facilities are more perfect. The income of the masses has increased steadily, and the new answers to the party and the people have been added.

"The report of the Provincial Party Congress proposed to accelerate the modernization of the construction of common prosperity and universal sharing, which makes us in the future direction, clearer, and more confidence.

"The Secretary of the Xingtai City People’s Social Security Bureau, Director Si Guofeng said that the city’s people’s social system should conscientiously implement the spirit of the provincial party congress, and we have to do a good job in social security, especially the bottom line of the people, and listen to the proposal of the masses. The voice, solve the people’s urgent expensive, put the masses throughout the work of the people.

At the same time, there is continuously introduced more sinking, bending waist, babysitter, mother-type service, through "policies to go out" "service go to" "resource is divided out", let the people’s policy bonus by the people. Blue sky is accompanied, green water wears the city. Every day in the morning, the people who are in the heart of the red green in Hengshui City, the Hengshui City, and the people in the casual exercise are endless. "The report of the party congress reviewed a new change in the cause of the various careers in Hebei in the past five years. I feel truly, because many changes happen to me." Zhao Bin, excitedly opened the words.

Last year, the Guangsha Home Community in which he lived in the old community was transformed. The door is new, the building is beautiful, the road is wide, the light is bright, the community environment is good, the residents live more comfortable. "People’s livelihood is the people’s heart, hoping that the party and the government will continue to give more attention to improve the people’s livelihood of human living environment, employment help, medical health, so that the people have gone, happy, safe feelings!" Reporter Wang Junfeng, Zhang Lushan, Sun Jingda, Yu Guoying, Xing Yun, Jiao Lei) (Editor: Fang Tong, Zhu Dragon Super) Sharing Let more people see the recommended reading.