Whether it is watching,Still,Can take a long time,Then digest,Becomes your own thing。

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This is the release of talent,There is a wula in the heart gradually sublimated.。
As if the sky is fried。
Swords and death in the ground,At the same time collapse。
White,Blackness,Flogging,Entangled,Just like the true dark clouds roll。
Surrounding many forests are broken,Ground earth and stone,Dust,Flying。
The moment of shocking。
Xia Jiu and the air waves that were http://www.donghai8.cn forced in the world at the same time。
But next second,Xia Jiuwei lightning specialists。
She first waits a sword,Pursuit of Lingtian,Tight it is heavy, you waves,Retrograde,In hand, Tian Yujian is cold and lifted.。
Ling Tianxia is still in the air,Face sudden change。
He ran,Rapid out a black dark light,Welcome to the swordsmanship,Quickly adjust the center of gravity。
But at this moment, Xia Qi has been killed.。
Sword,Cold light。
Ling Tianxia do its utmost to resist,Continuously resulted in Xia Jiu’s offensive。
But the last five swords,Like rushing, I can’t stop it.。
“Puff puff……”
Ling Tianxia is continuous,It’s good to have a deadly part of a deadly.,He was successfully avoided。
But the body is covered with a trapped wound.,A piece of blood flows with a shot。
“Summer!It’http://www.huaxinmf.cns for you forced me.!I am fighting with you.!”
Ling Tianxia,Hands in the hands of Jianxun。
Black swordsmanship,There is almost no two from the real dark clouds.,Dramatic roll,As if this world is coming。
This is not only a sword he has exhausted.,Another one of the bottom cards。
Black light column is halfway,Roll,Like constant compression,Give people a dangerous to the ultimate oppression。
Xia Jiu folk expression,There is no more hesitation,Sword。
At her level,Freely,I have already done a truly simple,No strokes。
Both collided,Sudden exploding,The sound is like a real thunder,Unusual horror。
Black and white two huge light columns,Like the mushroom cloud, all rushing on the sky。
But there is still a strong impact wave excessive diffusion on the ground.,Have everything。