China Music Academy Guole Special Concert is in the National Grand Theater

05/02/2022 0 Comments

People’s Daily November 23 (Reporter Lin Lu) Recently, "China Music Academy Guole Special Concert – China Le School Works Series Exhibition" is staged in the National Grand Theater, aims to showcase the national music talent training results of China Music Academy , Teachers’ power and the latest achievements in the construction of China Le Dai Gaojing Innovation Center. The event was hosted by the China Conservatory of Conservatory, the Graduate School of China Music, Help, China Le Dai Gaojing Innovation Center. The concert is a professor of Art Director, Professor Wang Liguang, the President of the Chinese Conservatory of Music, and Professor Zhang Zunlian, director of the Command Department, and Professor, Professor Wang Zhongshan, and Professor, deputy director of Guo La, and Liang Lei. Jiao Shanlin, deputy director Wang Hua, deputy director Wang Hua, Guo Yuting, Ma Ke, Song Xinxin, Shang Yu Yuan, Doctor, Dr. Chen Suchao, Liu Yu, Deng Chang, etc. The orchestra and the Chinese Le School Symphony Orchestra present a national music.

The concert includes the orchestra "Picking up your cover", the erhu concerto "Amanisha", 琵琶 and the band concerto "Loun girl", guzheng and band concerto "Lin’an Id" and other music.

The concert is a doctoral tutor, young teachers, and doctoral students in the National Grand Theater in the National Grand Theater. The concert passes the conversation and integration of Chinese instruments and Western orchard, and the mutual, interoperability, and mutual forwarding between Chinese and Western music culture. The success of the concert is a centralized display of the Chinese Music Academy China Music Professional Teachers and Ph.D. in Music Performance (Study), and also highlights the China Music Institute from the attachment to undergraduate into the cultivation of the master. Significant results of performance direction professional classification development.

China Music Academy has conducted a series of Chinese Le School’s works, further interpretation of school "Guo Guo Xue, Yang Guoyun, Shengguo, Strong Country" to enhance the quality of talent training. At present, the school is in all-round construction "China", Chinese music performance, Chinese music creation, Chinese music, Chinese music creation.

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