2021, Ningxia Government major administrative decision-making, consultation, basically completed

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On December 6, the reporter learned from the Ningxia Government Research Office that the 10 decision-making matters included in the 2021 major administrative decision-making catalog in the 2021 year since this year have basically completed the demonstration, and the decision-making matters submitted to the Autonomous Region Government’s executive meeting have been submitted. More than 20 demonstrations were completed and achieved a good start. A few days ago, at the Autonomous Regional Development Reform Commission with the Autonomous Region Government Research Office for expert advice on the implementation of the basic public service (2021 edition) ", experts from medical and health, education, civil affairs, etc., through the review materials, listen to reports, Questions and quirings, collective discussions have been fully demonstrated.

"The proposed suggestion has authoritative, professional, reflecting the people’s opinion, fully playing important staff, important assistants, important thinking batches.

"The relevant person in charge of the Autonomous Region Development and Reform Commission said. According to reports, the party committee and government of the autonomous region conscientiously implemented the Party Central Committee, the deployment requirements of the State Council, always regarding regulating major administrative decision-making governments, promoting administrative administration, administration, and optimizing government governments.

According to the Party Central Committee, the State Council arranged deployment, and our district established improvement of major administrative decision-making experts to advancing the mechanism, promoting government decision-making, democratization, and rule of law.

In the end, the first batch of experts of 55 major administrative decision consultation demonstration experts, and established five working systems, and clarified the consultation rules, experts group and job responsibilities.

"Next, we will continue to play the role of experts’ library, and consult a good government’s major administrative decision-making expert, and effectively put experts’ golden son ‘in government decision-making and transform the consultation results into specific policy measures.

"The relevant person in charge of the Autonomous Region Government Research Office said.

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