Autumn wind Wanli Furong, a lake, four water, green

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On the cave lake, the migratory birds came, and the porpoise jumped out of the water; the thousands of rivals rivers, the fish Xiang is shallow, all the way to the north song, color does not change.

A total of great protection, do not engage in the development, Hunan firmly established green mountains is the idea of ??Jinshan Yinshan, with the main line of blue sky, clear water, and the pure land, with "one river and one lake and four water" as the main battlefield, "Summer Offensive" is the main hand, and the pollution prevention and control is deepened, accelerates the history of ecological environment, and continuously improve the quality of ecological environment. Strengthen the high level to promote the ecological civilization demonstration and establishment of the Provincial Party Committee, the governor’s first director and director of the Provincial Ecological Environment Protection Committee respectively, and the deputy governor is committed to the deputy director. Submitting the Standing Committee of the Provincial Party Committee emphasized in-depth prevention and control Battle … In recent years, Hunan Province has promoted the creation of ecological civilization demonstration, gradually establishing the work mechanism of "party committee leaders, government leadership, department responsible, social participation", integrating ecological civilization into economic construction, political construction, social construction and culture Building all aspects, the whole process, has come out of a harmonious development path of good ecology, production and development, and prosperity, explore a group of "green water Qingshan" transformation to "Jinshan Yinshan", forming a typical lead, demonstration drive , Good situation in overall improvement. The high level is promoted and planned.

The Hunan Provincial Party Committee and the provincial government attached great importance to the ecological civilization demonstration, "the Hunan Provincial Party Committee of the Hunan Provincial Party of the Communist Party of China has clearly put forward in the resolution of the 19th National Plenary Session of the 19th CPC Central Committee of the Communist Party of China. "Support to create a group of national and provincial ecological civilization construction demonstration city." Ecological civilization demonstration creation has become an effective carrier for improving regional ecological environment, promoting the construction of ecological civilization system reform landing and eco – economic system construction.

Up to now, 17 counties (cities, districts) have been awarded the national ecological civilization construction demonstration city county; 4 counties (city, district) were "green water Qingshan is Jinshan Yinshan" practice innovation base; 26 County (city, district) is awarded provincial-level ecological civilization construction demonstration county (city, district).

On April 25, 202, the Ecological Environment Department and the Hunan Provincial People’s Government signed the "Strengthening Support for the Protection of Ecological Environment" in Beijing, "Strengthening Demonstration Leads, Strengthening Ecological Civilization Demonstration Creation" as A total construction content is included in the "Framework Agreement"; Ecological Civilization Demonstration Creation Incorporates the Range of the Administration of the Provincial Government Realistic Inspector Inspiration; Establishing a Long-Ecological Civilization Demonstration of Huaihua City, Huffori Mountain, Towards Jinshan Yinshan "Ecological Product Value Realization Mechanism is included in the" Si Yan Siki "Second Batch System Innovation in Our Hall.

The system leads, the standard is created.

Combined with the revision of the ecological environment procedures and indicator system, Hunan Provincial Ecological Environment Office supports the revision of provincial regulations and indicators. In April 2020, the "Hunan Provincial Ecological Civilization Construction Demonstration City County Management Regulations" and "Hunan Province" Ecological civilization construction demonstration city and county construction indicators, this work Hunan Province is in the forefront of the country, and further provides a normative guidance and work guide for the promotion of ecological civilization demonstration in various cities and counties.

Since 2020, the Hunan Provincial Ecological Environment has carried out a series of institutionalized explorations, drafting "Ecological civilization construction demonstration city county and" green water Qingshan is the "implementation rules of the practice of practical innovation base in Jinshan Yinshan", issued "about further Notice on Standardizing the Work of Ecological Civilization Construction Demonstration Zone Planning and Preparation, Continuously Strengthen Ecological Civilization Demonstration Creation Planning, Planning, Create Declaration and Verification of Name Work. On July 12, 2021, the Ministry of Ecological Environment issued "Green Water Qingshan is Jinshan Yinshan" practice model and typical case (first batch) ", Zexing City" release ecological compensation red and promoting a lake clear water protection and development " Among them, it becomes the only practical model and typical case in Hunan Province. The old account will implement the Central Ecological Environment Protection Inspector, the Hunan Provincial Party Committee, the provincial government attaches great importance to the central ecological environmental protection inspector and reform, and all levels adhere to the station, implement responsibility, attacking hard, forming rectification work, and achieves obvious Effective, which has effectively promoted the improvement in ecological environment quality in the province. How is the achievement of rectification, speaking with data.

The first round of central ecological environmental protection inspections and feedback has completed 70 rectification; 4,583 petitions to be exchanged on 4544.

In 2018, the first round of central ecological environment protection inspections "look back" feedback has completed 33 rectification sales, and the city is reported to complete the rectification. It is selling one; 4226 petitions to be exchanged 4203 Part. For the 2021 second round of central ecological environmental protection inspections, the Hunan Provincial Party Committee and the provincial government have formulated the "Hunan Province to implement the second round of the central ecological environmental protection inspectors and rectification programs" reported to Party Central, State Council, and various departments. Adhere to the reform, stand up to change; 3321 letter visits to the 3321 letter of information, 443 pieces, the stage is completed, the rate is reached; exposure 5 types of cases have issued the introduction of rectification programs, rectifying work Result. Since 2017, since the central environmental protection inspector, Hunan has passed the inspector and reform, and further compacted the political responsibility of the ecological environment of all levels. Effective solving a number of historical legacy has highlighted the ecological environment, the people have got sense, happiness, Safety is mentioned. Hunan Provincial Inspections and Renewal Efficitudes and Practices were affirmed by the central and national ministries and ministries, two consecutive training courses in the Central Ecological Environmental Protection Inspector Office, and the results of rectification results in the second round of the third batch of 8 inspected provinces. Located in the forefront.

A large number of environmental problems around the masses have been properly resolved, the ecological environment satisfaction of the people has been improved, and during the 2021, the second round of ecological environmental protection inspections during the central second round of ecological environmental protection inspections, the people’s complaints, and the first round of central environmental inspections and "look back" have declined significantly. .

Excellent development is unwavested in the Green High Quality Development In 2020, the total amount of GDP in Hunan Province exceeded 4 trillion, compared with 1996 with a relatively poor environmental quality, the total amount of GDP has increased by 15 times, but industrial wastewater discharge The amount is only one-fifth of 1996. This group of data vividly shows that during the rapid economic development of Hunan Province, the total amount and intensity of pollution emissions are in a decline. During the past "13th Five-Year Plan", pollution and emission reduction is obvious, and the chemical oxygen demand and sulfur dioxide emissions in Hunan have reduced% and% in 2015. The total amount of GDP carbon dioxide emissions is reduced by%, and the total production value of the unit area can Tube consumption declined.

Ecological environmental protection has promoted the high-quality development of Hunan Province. At the end of the "13th Five-Year Plan", the provincial and above parks and industrial concentration area gathered in the province’s nearly 70% of the large-scale industrial added value, with equipment manufacturing, agricultural product processing 3 trillion industries in materials, energy-saving and environmental protection industries are among the 14 hundred billion industrial industries in the province.

The degree of ecological civilization in rural areas increased in synchronization. In 2020, the province’s fertilizer pesticide utilization rate reached 40%, and the comprehensive utilization of straw reached 86%. The resource utilization of the cultured waste reached 75%. The agricultural membrane recovery rate reached 81%, agricultural green The development level is further improved.

Since "13th Five", Hunan Province has vigorously promoted the construction of ecological civilization, and resolutely lay the pollution prevention and control battle, and created a huge market space for environmental industries. The province’s ecological environmental protection industry has maintained an average annual growth rate of about 15%.

According to incomplete statistics, nearly 200,000 units of the province’s environmental protection industry, the number of environmentally friendly industries, achieving business income, of which the environmental protection products have business income 21 billion yuan; the environmental service industry operating income is 29.5 billion yuan; resource comprehensive utilization products Opening income is 90.8 billion yuan; the environmentally friendly product is expected to be 139 billion yuan. Environmentally friendly products and environmental service industry have been slightly increased by new crown epidemic.

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