The Water City Public Security Bureau held the "Golden Shield" Honor Medal Distribution Ceremony and 2021 "Our Hill – Chongyang" series theme event

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The event site.

Subsequently, the old comrades came to the Baili River Scenic Area to carry out the "Jiujiu Chongyang, Traveling", and the deputy secretary of the Party Committee of the Water City Public Security Bureau, and the political commissar Xie Shengliang issued a souvenir to the old comrade participating in the recruitment.The old cadre representatives moved their bright pace, while walking, while communicating, the development of Xizhuang City is full of expectations.During the rest, the old comrades also spontaneously use violins, and the two Hu classmates "No Communist Party will have no new China" "my motherland" and other red songs, accompanied by music, laughter, the atmosphere is warm, wonderfulContinuous … (Figure / Texas) (Editor: Gu Lanyun, Chen Kangqing) Share more people see recommendation reading.