Ankang, the national fitness rise in the green mountain green water

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Ankang City Stadium Night View. Our reporter Xueye took North Yinling, South Bashan, Hanshui transacted things – Ankang located in Southern Shaanxi is a beautiful pearl in the Yangtze River Basin. It has a natural landscape represented by Nangongshan, Ba Lake, and Xiangxi Cave, and the integration of Rongba’s cultural and Central Plains culture is a beautiful tourist city. In recent years, Ankang is based on the mountainous ecological resources and unique location advantages of green water. Combined with natural resources and sports fitness, and strives to build "Qinba Mingzhu, Happy Ankang" series of sports event brands, and build Xiangxi Cave in the central city. Sports facilities such as fitness trails, between green mountains, and the citizens can enjoy the happiness of sports. The fourteenth transport venue enhances the urban quality reporter from the center of Ankang to the northwest. I look at Changchun Road, and the basket of the Ankang Gymnasium presents beautiful radians under the blue sky. This 2018 is open, with an innocent famous cultural relics "鎏 金", will undertake the martial arts of the Fourteen Hall of Wushu Sanda Competition.

The stadium is designed with an arch shell structure with a total construction area of ??square meters, belonging to a class B venue and 5051 seats.

At present, the construction tasks of the venue have been completed, and the construction units are fully improved through the intelligent and information construction in the province and city, and the construction unit is fully improved. Close to the Ankang Sports in Ankang Avenue, in the intersection of 3 roads in Changchun Road, Changling South Road, Dongjiagou Road, is very convenient. The completion of the Ankang Stadium Not only serves the National Games, but also for the implementation of the "discovery of the Jiangnan, the center of gravity", and the moon river ecological city district will play the engine. According to Liu Pengfei, Liu Pengfei, an Ankang Fourteen Federation Executive Committee, the construction of the venue is only the first phase of Ankang Sports Park, and the goal of Ankang is to create a comprehensive sports center. After the completion of the center, it will greatly improve the capacity of Ankang City to organize large-scale events, and meet the needs of healthy fitness, and will further improve the construction of the Ankang Sports Site infrastructure. With more than 20 kilometers from Ankang City, there is the largest freshwater lake in the northwest, and the 14th National Games Marathon Swimming Competition will be held here.

The construction of venues and supporting facilities currently used in competitions have been completed.

The construction content mainly includes the 14th National Games 10 km Marathon Swimming Competition, Cui Ping Service Area, Games House, Stack Road Guanyi Territories, Competition, etc. The blue sky, the water quality, excellent in water quality, rich species, moderate climate, many islands, "Shaanxi Qiandao Lake", is an important source of water in my country. In order to ensure the smooth progress of the Fourteen Federation, the scenic area has been upgraded.

At present, the construction unit is in full improvement of intelligent, information construction and surrounding environmental remediation. Down Kung Fu creates the natural endowment of "one county and one product" event brand Ankang Mountain water, bringing a unique condition for tourism development.

The development of the Sports industry in Ankang City also specifically makes the cause of the local system, using rich tourism resources, and continues to create a brand of "Qinba Mingzhu · Happy Ankang" sports event.

China’s Ankang Hanjiang Dragon Boat Festival Dragon Boat is the leader. Ankang is located upstream of Han River. From ancient times, Ankang people who drive the river boat in Han River, and life is prone.

Sail boat, tourism, etc. Water sports activities are loved by Leshan good water, and it is not fatigue. Ankang City Characteristic Brand Event – China Ankang Hanjiang Dragon Boat Festival Dragon Boat Race has developed one of the sports boutique events in Shaanxi, enjoys a national. Ankang Wang Ning is the witnesses of Ankang Dragon Boat Race, and the event has been held in 2000, Wang Ning has never missed.

As the Dragon Boat Festival, Wang Ning is impressed by the lively scene of the annual dragon boat race: "On the Han River, the Ten Liusi, the viewer is like tide.

The helpers lift the mascot, lifted the colorful flag, danced the lion, stepped on the dry boat, and pulled the drum. With the order of the commander, the people of the dragon boat in the sound of drums, shouts, numbers, and helping the sound, rushing to the waves. On each Ankang unique, the dragon boat is accompanied by a buzz, the sweat of 23 exquisite people is accompanied by rivers and water … "With the goal of mass, competitiveness, regionality and openness, Ankang continues Host China’s Ankang Han River Dragon Boat Festival Dragon Boat Race, China Datong, Ningshan) Mountain Cross-Country Challenge, Half Marathon, Huan Qinling Bicycle Hanyin Station and Pingli Station League, Qinba District Badminton Invitational Tournament, World Free Fighting The events such as competitions, encouraged the citizens to showcase the spirit of Ankang people in the new era. Not only that, Ankang is still in the "one town and one special" sports event. Ning Shaanxi The mountain cross-country game, Xunyang’s Tai Chi competition, the mountaineering, rock climbing competition, Hanbin Shiquan’s winter swimming, dragon boat game, Han Yin Pei’s bicycle, fishing competition, has become a special event in all counties.

Since the "13th Five-Year Plan", Ankang has accumulated 12 national event activities, and 11 provincial events have been organized 11 provincial event activities, 49 municipal brand events, 16 county-level special events, and hold 480 levels of events at all levels. The number of more than 500,000.

On April 2, the central city is on April 2, and the reporter came to the Hanjiang National Fitness Promenade. Despite the rain in the world, there is still a lot of people walking here with an umbrella.

It’s a little sunny, on the basketball venue built on the "one river two sides" fitness trail, the 9-year-old little girl Wang Ying stepped on the rain in the grandfather. "Our family lives in this, every day, take it out, training, she also exercised me.

"Wang Ying’s grandfather smiled. Zhu Jianhua, Minister of Ankang Sports Service Management Center Venue, is also deeply emerging on the fitness enthusiasm of Ankang citizens:" The citizens who receive a daily reception will reach more than 3,000 people.

From morning to night, you can see the gods of Tai Chi, jump square dance, and play badminton. "The venue foreign transformation upgrade open basketball, badminton, table tennis and other venues are freely open to the public, become a good place to stay in Ankang citizens, exercise, and work out. At the same time, here is also the place where the Angkang City has a large number of sports events.

Ankang City is around the target of 15 minutes of sports and fitness circles, in the central urban area integrates stock resources, built a batch of sports parks, fitness trails, community multi-functional sites, community fitness centers, and improved Xiangxi-Cave aerial trails, and lay Plastic surface layer, building Hanjiang National Fitness Promenade Center City Section, Xunyang Section, Hanwei Section, Shiquan Section, Quick Division, Completed 4 fitness trails and bicycle lanes in Ningshan County, Pingli County and central urban area. At the same time, Nang City rebuilt 2 sports parks in Sports Park and Shiquan County Sports Plaza, and took the lead in promoting wisdom fitness facilities in the province. In Xunyang County Party Bashang Community Wisdom Fitness Center is included in the National Sports General Administration to seven pilot projects in the country. one.

At the end of "13th Five-Year Plan", the area of ??the per capita sports field in Ankang City reached a square meter, and the square meter of the "Twelfth Five-Year Plan" was added; the city’s village-level sports fitness project coverage reached 82%, and the community sports fitness project coverage The rate is 86%, and the township sports fitness project is basically fully covered. Regular participation in physical exercise accounts for 40%, the number of people’s public welfare social sports guidelines; each year’s national fitness events and events are listed.

Xunyang County, Ningshan County, Shiquan County, Ning County, successfully created Shaanxi National Fitness Demonstration County, and 49 town village communities in the city were recognized as the municipal national fitness demonstration town community community.

The boom of national fitness is being built in Qinba Mountain. (Editor: Gu Yan, Deng Nan).